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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Build Update {Radiator going on}

Hello Again Dear Reader, third post today aren't you lucky,  after this post you should be all updated on the progress of my craft room build.

build radiator craftroomdiary.blogspot.com 11-03-2014 09-35-32 21-10-2014 11-04-38

My radiator was a complete bargain that i found at the local recycling centre, it was brand new and wrapped and i paid only £10 for it! Now the radiator is being plumbed in the next week or so so my hubby Mr.C has papered behind it before he plumbs it in so that it has a lovely finish once we are ready to paint with no need to take the radiator off again. We also glued a layer of foil behind the radiator in order to bounce the heat back into the room. The walls were papered with a layer of high grade lining paper then with a cross hatched anaglypta-type paper that can be painted any colour once we are ready to paint.

Well that’s it in the craft room until the radiator is plumbed in.

Until next time


Mrs C x

Build Update {Preparation of walls, ceiling and floor}

Hello Dear Reader, i hope this post finds you well, there is a downgraded hurricane hitting the UK today and its is very windy and rainy outside so i am sitting cosy with a cuppa.
I am back with an update of my craft room build so far, but there are so many photos to get to the point we are today so i have split it into a couple of posts.

Now my craft room is being built in an out building off our kitchen, so we have a solid start as it is brick built and has a concrete ceiling and floor.  So first job was to prepare the surfaces.
build wall prep craftroomdiary.blogspot.com 21-10-2014 10-31-23

So first stop was to damp proof the ceiling with this horrible black tar type paint that smelt really unpleasantly and the smell took 2 months to go, we then painted all the walls with emulsion one because it made the room look tidy for a family party over the summer so that we could use the room for the buffet and secondly it would make it a little easier when we secured the layers of insulation.  Next step was to put a damp proof liner on the concrete floor, which we have covered with an old off cut of carpet {extra insulation} and to batten the walls out ready for the insulation and boarding.

I will be back soon with the next instalment
Until next time


Mrs C x


Hello Dear Reader, some of you may have joined me from my other blog www.craftylittlemoos.blogspot.com and some of you maybe completely new to me either way Hello! :) Welcome grab a cuppa and stay a while.
This is as the title suggests the diary of my new craft room which is in the process of being built it has taken nearly 3 years for my hubby to be ready to start the building work as unreasonably he put the house renovation first when we moved in! lol ;) So as well as sharing the build progress i will show the projects that i am working on as i finish them.  Then once the build is complete i shall use this blog to share what i get up to in there.

I will also be posting quick photos on Instagram under #craftroomdiary, so you can also keep updated there too.

Up birthday card craftroomdiary.blogspot.com 21-10-2014 09-49-58

This is a card that i made for one of H’s friends birthday, in case you are not familiar with the film this is the house from Up! a lovely Disney Pixar film that H is currently nuts over.

I will be back soon with a build update.
Until then