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Monday, 16 February 2015

Build Update {Walls and Ceiling}

Hello Dear Reader, i thought i would stop by and give you a quick update on how the craft room build is progressing.
As it stands today there are only 2 structural/main jobs to complete, the floor and the plumbing.
Mr.C finished the walls, ceiling and electrics this week.
Luckily there wasn’t too much in  the way of electrics only moving the light fixture and putting a strip light up so that i have the best light no matter what the day’s weather is like.
2015-01-24 09.15.152015-01-24 09.48.212015-01-25 11.46.18
The walls are painted a greige colour {neither beige nor grey} the ceiling is tongue and groove which has been painted with white eggshell.  The other wood within the room is white gloss.
You would not believe the difference that painting the ceiling white made on the light in the room, it bounces so much back from the strip light so at least i will have no problems colour-matching in there :)
Next weekend will be taken up with Mr. C laying the flooring down ready for the carpet fitter {my Dad} to come and measure up the following week.
I am unsure at the moment which flooring to have i like the idea of having nice warm carpet but vinyl will be much easier to clean.  Which would you choose?
Until next time
Mrs. C xx 

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