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Sunday, 15 February 2015

{review} We R Memory Keepers Scrap tote.

Hello Dear Reader i hope that you are well. It is absolutely throwing it down with rain today so i thought that today was a good day to ‘bank’ some blog posts, i will schedule these to post over the next few weeks; to share with you what i have been up to lately.

At Christmas my lovely friend brought me a We R Memory Keepers Scrap Tote, it was ordered from the States through Amazon and took a very long time to get to her so much so that she was worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas!  It arrived 3 days before, but it was definitely cutting it fine.

2015-01-21 13.26.46

You can get this tote in other colour-ways but i LOVE grey so it had to be the grey one for me.

It has lots of pockets and i am often amazed but just how much i have managed to fit into it.  Now i had a particular plan for my bag i wanted it as my Project Life bag, and it is perfect for that as it can hold just so much.

If i go to crops this and my trimmer is all i take with me now which is fantastic as i am the biggest over-packer you have ever met otherwise.

2015-01-21 13.27.272015-01-21 13.27.56

The front pocket has all my essentials; journaling pens, adhesives, lip balms etc. And there is room in the bag for a few of SU!’s wood mount cases which i use for storage of photos ready to be scrapped.

2015-01-21 13.28.042015-01-21 13.29.19

I use these pockets for all my embellishments, and there is a removable accordion file for papers stickers etc.

2015-01-21 13.28.332015-01-21 13.29.35

This is how i store my PL cards; i keep them in page protectors and on book rings so that i can flick through them when i am working on a layout.  I find this is the easiest way for me, with a core kit i keep 2-3 of each card in the protectors and then the rest in the box to refill later.

2015-01-21 13.29.452015-01-21 13.31.48

The back of the back has a pocket that i use to pop my trimmer into, but it is dual purpose as the bottom of it unzips and you can put your bag on to the handle of the matching rolling tote {which i don’t own, as i doubt i would use it} for when you go to crops etc or it you dont have a dedicated craft space.

I am very impressed with my tote as it does exactly what i want it to do, and it feels very well made.  For me it is very helpful that all my PL stuff is in one bag as when i am feeling unwell my hubby can grab me the bag and my trimmer and i can sit in bed and happily get some layouts started.  It also means that i take less with me to crops which means i am not carrying so much and that i am actually achieving something when i am there- bonus!

I hope that this review was interesting and helpful if you had considered one of these bags, i have not been asked to write this or compensated in any way it is my own opinion on a purchase that i have made that i thought may help others. 

I have to say this was my favourite Christmas present this year :)

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  1. How nice to have a bag that holds everything for you!! I don't attend crops or anything like that, but I love the SU bag I got at Convention in Paris, and use it every time I travel. It holds the must haves for me, which always includes something for crafting! :D

    1. ooo i had that bag too, my friend now has it now :) i love my bag its great for crafting in different rooms as well :)
      and yes cant travel with no craft to do! x

  2. Lovely tote and great review! I've never had anything like this - then again, I don't create away from home - never tried it anyway, but it's great if you attend crops!

    1. o i love going to crops i rarely get much done as we're chatting too much! lol but at least i dont over pack now!! :)

  3. Never seen one of these - looks interesting.
    Hugs, Neet xx

    1. i love it so much it is the perfect bag for me :D


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