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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Creative Blog Hop!

Hello Dear Reader; i hope this finds you well? I can not believe we are in March already; i am so ready for some lighter days though.  I am hoping that the predicted forecast for today comes good as it would be lovely to have line dried sheets rather than tumbled for a change. Simple things like that make me happy.

So my lovely friend and fellow crafter Jeannie nominated me to take part in a blog hop that she had been nominated herself for; now apart from panic somewhere along the way i did agree …as i love to share my crafty-ness with you all.
Jeannie is a complete enabler; she has got me hooked on Lawn Fawn stamps and new to me mediums of colouring, and then she sends me YouTube videos to temp me with more sets! lol

The cards i am going to share with you today are using stamps from Lawn Fawn; i really like their range its fun and cute and they have matching dies available so no need to fussy cut, bonus!  The cards that i am sharing with you i actually sent to Jeannie and her lovely daughter Bella last month.
2015-01-28 18.24.35
{this one was coloured using SU Blendibilities pens, the clouds are actually the top of the SU cupcake punch!}
2015-01-28 20.00.52
{this was coloured using spectrum noir pencils and blending fluid with paper stumps}
I hope that you like my cards i am really enjoying playing with these stamps as you can change the colours up and make them for all different occasions.  I had to have dinosaur stamps i buy them when ever i see them as my dream as a child was to work at the Natural History Museum in London and my Grandparents used to take me multiple times a year and now my youngest is Dinosaur mad so we have lots of dino bits in the house. :)
Now for the scary part of the blog hop the questions;
1.) What are you working on now? At the moment we are in the process of building my craft room so a lot of my supplies are boxed up so that that can happen, but i have been playing about with some bits and pieces and even got my old watercolours out that i have had since i took my A Level Art; and used those to do some ‘no line colouring’ with some stamps.  This week however i shall mostly be tied to my sewing machine altering some black sheets into a Hermione costume and an old summer top into a Mrs Pepperpot costume for world book day.
2.) How does your work differ from others in your genre?
Erm i don’t think that it does particularly; I’m quite eclectic in that as well as paper based crafts i also sew, knit and more unusually make bobbin lace by hand so i can be working on a myriad of different projects at a time dependant on how i feel that day.  I do love to help my friend who does craft shows to create show pieces for her such as my exploding butterfly book, she gives me a vague brief and then i can just go to town, i love that freedom of what ever comes out of my hands at the end.  I also will try most things at least once, i may never do them again but i am willing, although most trends i have seen before as i have been a rubber stamper for 20 years now. When we moved 5 years ago we counted i had over 10,000 stamps and had 2 more boxes left to count!! But do you know what i hardly used them and the sheer quantity often left me overwhelmed so i sold the lot and started again.
3.) Why do you create what you do?
I think it is because i know no different, in my life i have always been surrounded by creative people.  My Mum used to make my clothes when i was younger all my school summer dresses were made by her and she also would sit and colour the colouring books that are patterns of tessellating geometric shapes.  My Nan knits, sews, and makes lace and taught me to do all three, and my late great nan used to knit, sew, water colour and taught me to bake.  Even my Granddad is creative he is a fantastic with his hands able to fashion what ever you need from few supplies from the hardware store,  and then create the most gorgeous wedding cakes.  So creativity is just normal for our family, i got my first rubber stamps at 8years old and i was off! I am an abstract person when working with paints or clay so rubber stamping was a boon for me as i didn’t have to worry about drawing perfectly.  I enjoy the creative process and luckily for me my Hubby gets it as he is also a creative, when he first left school he made his money painting murals on children’s bedroom walls; he now is more creative in the garden.
4.) How does your creativity work?
Well……there’s often a lot of mess, tea and procrastination!
I don’t have a set way in which i create i usually sit down to have a ‘play’ and see where it takes me sometimes it ends up in the bin and sometimes it becomes something that i would send out to a friend.  I used to make cards to sell and would often make over 500 in a week {when my eldest was a tiny baby and slept a lot} but i found because i had to i didn’t want to which is why now i don’t take orders for Christmas cards.  I make Christmas cards all year when i am in the mood to sparkle for the next 6 weeks, lol and i pop them in a box and then friends and family buy them from there, i don’t make a lot from it but it does cover the material costs and i don’t end up drowning in cards!  A lot of the time i sit down to make a card if we have an event coming up or if my family want a special card to send to someone; otherwise i tend to scrapbook my preferred format at the moment is pocket style as it comes together quickly with little supplies as you like plus you can always go back and add embellishment at a later date but the memories are down and in the book.
Cor i do waffle a lot! So i shall leave it there i have to nominate someone else to take part next week and i would like to nominate my crafting bestie Sue McDonald she is a fantastic scrapper and i am sure will have plenty to show you.
Until next time


  1. Great job!! :D And the cards you made for us are so gorgeous and very much appreciated!

    1. thank you Jeanne thanks for nominating me although it was scary it was good to do it :) xx

  2. Lovely cards hun and a fab insight into your crafty world just now. Hugs xx

  3. Am perusing your blog by invitation from Darnell, djkreations, and enjoy all I've seen. I especially enjoyed reading of your history and basis for your many talents! So glad you enjoy sharing with all of us.

    1. Thank you Pat for stopping by and your kind comments :) how lovely of Darnell to suggest you to come visit me :) i am always surprised that anyone wants to read my ramblings :)


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