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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WOYWW March 18th 2015

Hello Dear Reader, i hope that you are well? Just a quick one from me today to join in with What's on your work desk Wednesday.

2015-03-17 16.15.48

Organising! That’s what i am up to in my new craft room today this is how i left it on Tuesday and hopefully today i will get it all sorted and put away …..then i can start on the next lot!  I am sure that my stuff has been reproducing behind my back because i can’t see how i fit it all in in my small space! lol!!

That’s it from me today

Until next time




  1. Its still to clean mrs c ; 0) xx

    Happy woyww sue #4

  2. Its still to clean mrs c ; 0) xx

    Happy woyww sue #4

  3. Looks great - hope you find space for it all... do show us! Helen 11

  4. Sorting is good for the soul.I'm having a sort tomorrow..yes truly!!
    Judy #18

  5. Oh dear, I really think I am losing the plot! When I saw your picture - without the words - I thought you were packing up for a great play day - and that the bag was a lovely big bag full of scrummy fruit for lunch!! Then I read the words..... oops! I am assuming the bag is full of sponge/foam for inking things!
    Looks like you are getting really sorted - well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Sometimes I think we sort and organize more than we create. Time just goes by so fast it is hard to keep focused. Have fun ...#41

  7. It does seem like I spend quite a bit of time looking for things or sorting and putting away. I just keep packing it in and suddenly every nook and cranny is full. Show us your space!
    Glenda #46

  8. Thanks for the reminder ... to continue sorting and sifting. I became sidetracked by my shopping.
    Will we see the finished picture? A lovely clear desk and tidy room .... which beggars the question - for how long? lol

    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #49

  9. I have a couple of those baskets, aren't they useful. Sorting is good, you will get results from it...even if it's a results hat makes you think you should stop buying stuff for a while!!

  10. I do think craft stash multiplies itself! Pretty baskets...I hope you have fun sorting. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #53

  11. I DO agree, stash reproduces when you back is turned, if the lights are off, and when your sleeping.

    Good luck with the sorting, don't forget photos of the finished areas.

    Krisha #2 thanks for visiting me this week.

  12. Don't worry, sure it will fit in your space. We crafters are miracle workers when it comes to stashing all (and more) stuff in our rooms, ha! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #45

  13. Ha! I thought you had a bag of cut up peaches on your desk.... (I don't know what psycologists would make of that, that my brain automatically thinks of food...)
    Have a great week,
    PS I'm thinking of our fellow desk hopper Shoshi today who's operation has been postponed yet again! I can't imagine how she must be feeling.

  14. just think of the bigger picture ....how great it will be when its done...have fun
    janet #14

  15. Hope you manage to find space for everything then you can get back to the crafting. Have a great week, Angela x 28

  16. I sort and sort and then sort some more. Like you said - it must be reproducing somewhere! lol

  17. Oh reading other people's comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that you had some lovely fruit in the bag in the right.
    I identify with the idea that craft stuff breeds behind your back and the space shrinks. Problem in the breeding doesn't produce new and different stuff so there is always a need to acquire more stuff to find a home for.
    Thanks for dropping by last week and you lovely comments.
    Chris (ND)

  18. Sometimes sorting and rearanging gives more space, but it seems to be the opposite with craft stash, wonder why?!? Happy WOYWW!
    Kristiina #17

  19. Wow, when I do organizing, it is a lot more messy than your desk! What are those things in the plastic bag? They look like potatoes!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@8

  20. I should do the exact same thing. I just get too busy being creative and then looking at how everyone else is being creative to actually worry with the organization. Sigh. . .and I know my stuff isn't reproducing behind my back. Unfortunately I know where each item came from. It's shameful! Best of luck in your organizing endeavors!


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