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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WOYWW? April 1st 2015

Good Morning Dear Reader, Happy April Fools, no jokes from me today, but seriously how fast is this year motoring along!?

As its Wednesday it means its time for a snoop about the desks of crafters worldwide in the weekly friendly blog hop hosted by Julia pop over and see her if you would like the details.

So lets share my desk, taken as usual on Tuesday evening and actually for a change i have been up to some crafting on it! I have been suffering lately with Fibro fog and being uncomfortable lately in my legs so sitting and colouring has been good as its enjoyable and doesn’t take much energy or brain power and that was what i was doing yesterday whilst Mr.C watched football.

2015-03-31 20.11.33

All the essentials on my desk as you can see; DVD player with the Gilmore Girls on to keep me company { I've seen each episode so many times i don’t need to pay attention it just washes over me and is comforting in a way} Another set of Lawn Fawn stamps peeking in the corner next to a new set of Spectrum Noir pencils that Mr.C ordered me as an Easter egg.  We got them from Amazon there should have been 2 packs but although purchased on the same day only one set has turned up thus far – go figure!  I am using a mineral blending fluid to blend away the pencil marks.  It was an enjoyable way to spend half an hour or so and i now have some images ready and coloured for when i feel like making some cards.

2015-03-31 20.59.18

{Lawn Fawn – ‘Bugs and Kisses’ coloured with Spectrum Noir Pencils}

We are hoping to treat the girls to a trip to the Cinema today to see Cinderella {and the Frozen short! *smiles*} IF the weather is kind to us and our fence stays up! We have had so much strong wind over the last day that we may have to postpone the cinema for a day in order for Mr.C to fix the fence ….. so cross your fingers for us.

I will try and get round to as many desks as i possibly can tomorrow

That’s it from me today

Until next time




  1. I image DD will want to see Cinderella over the Easter break. {sigh} Lovely little images and the shading is fab. Never seen Gilmore Girls but I often "watch" (ie listen to) old favourite TV series at my desk, streaming or on disc. As long as it isn't subtitled I do fine :)
    Happy WOYWW and I'm not fooling'!
    Mary Anne (1)

  2. Oh wow that's a set of pencils to die for. I'm sure there will be many happy hours spent using those.....have fun.
    Annie x #14

  3. What a lovely hubby giving you that 'Easter Egg'!! I prefer pencils to marker pens, think they give a much nicer, softer effect. Though I've never heard of that blending fluid you're using...great idea!
    It's so nice to hear that the little hats will be used by someone in the same situation as you found yourself in once. I'm enjoying making them, they're quick and use up stash...win win situation!
    Hugs. LLJ 4 xx

  4. We, too, have fencing problems so I sympathise.
    How come pencils are an Easter egg? You lucky thing. I got a set of pencils for my birthday and I just love playing with them, there is something about having so many shades and tones of the one colour.
    Happy colouring Easter.
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx (thanks for visiting me)

  5. Yep, fence issues here too, such a pain. If I asked Mr Dunnit for something instead of an Easter Egg, after reminidng me that we never buy each other eggs, I wonder if he'd cotton on to the fact that anything else I want might costs waaaay more than the slab of choc. I will try this and report back! Don't the pencils look fab in a box like that - I tell you, there's nothing so cheery for this crafter as a sight like that!

  6. Wow! That's a serious box of pencils! What will you do with the finished critters? Stick them on a card?
    I'd completely forgotten about 1 April!
    Thanks for visiting earlier.
    Have a great week and Happy Easter!

  7. Loving your box of pencils! Lovely coloring too. Thanks for sharing...Glenda #34

  8. That is SOME egg, hope the rest turn up soon
    Thanks for all your past visits, I did appreciate them, it's good to be able to visit desks again.
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #36

  9. Loving your pencils. I will soon have to buy some new ones.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #25

  10. What a funny looking Easter Egg LOL but the best type especially when you can use them over and over again. now that is my sort of Easter Egg. Hope you enjoy the movie I have heard it is really good.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 41

  11. Gorgeous set of pencils. Hope you enjoy the movie, we were in Meadow Hall in Sheffield yesterday and there were loads of little people going into the Cinema. Many thanks for your visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 29

  12. Those pencils look gorgeous - I've never heard of mineral fluid before, I shall be off to find out more about it! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #32

  13. Hi Charlie, hope the Fibro fog eases and your legs feel more comfortable soon. I can very much relate to your symptoms. Colouring is a good distraction :) Those pencils look soooo inviting! I'm tempted to buy some! Fab shading of the bugs :)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, hope you get some Easter eggs of the chocolate variety too!!
    Thanks for looking at my desk earlier :)

    Take care :)
    Angela #31

  14. Coloring like this is such Good Medicine ~ enJOY it!

  15. Hi Charlie, love the colouring, enjoy your new pencils! Thanks for dropping by my desk earlier, Carole Z WOYWW#26

  16. I always like to discover new products, and the blending fluid is one. Another that I learned of this week is Yes Paste. I found some and it is en route to my home, along with some other things that I ordered. Might as well make the shipping cost worthwhile, eh? Have a Happy Easter! Hugs Nann4 #42

  17. ohhhhh i'm in pencil envy. darling images as well
    Thanks for sharing, Happy WOYWW
    Pat #64

  18. Now that is a lovely set of pencils and looks like a very relaxing time spent on the cute images.
    sandra de @35

  19. Such cute images. Fence battering winds here too this week. My husband has gone to buy new posts so we can patch it up tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. My internet was not playing nice then so am catching up today.

    Fiona #2

  20. A great way to keep your hand in while your brain is foggy, I always used ATC's for this as they were small and I had a finished project. Hope the winds stayed away so you managed to get to the cinema! Annette #22


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