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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WOYWW? April 29th 2015

Helloo there Dear Reader and Fellow Deskers, i hope that you are well? I am shocked at how quickly the year is passing i mean this is the last woyww of April already?! How did that happen??!! So this post is a little picture heavy {sorry Julia} but it is all relevant promise!

I have a bone to pick with my fellow deskers……you jinxed me!! So many people said they couldn't have an open pot of sequins cos they would end up knocking it flying……well guess what i did Monday?

2015-04-23 07.57.35

Luckily i had not long finished tidying up so it didn't take long for me to scoop it back in, and i shall be looking for a nice jar lol!  But what a pretty mess Smile

I was asked what a sum tsum is, its a Disney collection toy they’re about £3 each and they stack on top of each other and their bellies are screen cleaners. You can find them at the Disney Store here’s mine;

2015-04-23 07.59.372015-04-23 08.00.11

{here he is in relation to a tombow glue so you can see the size}

I was also asked for a window view, so i took this on a day that it wasn't too sunny so that i could actually get the picture rather than a frame of dark!

2015-04-23 08.00.492015-04-23 08.01.19

{here is one through the net curtain, and without some camera/net juggling to grab that!}

You can see part of the garden from my window, the swing set, veg patch and just below my window is a window box full of roses that my hubby planted just for me.

SO shall i show you my desk now? Smile

2015-04-27 08.35.31

Another different angle, i haven’t been feeling well this week so i haven’t done any crafting at all apart from knocking the pot a sequins over that’s the most action my room has seen since Friday!

So in this corner of my desk you can see my A4 cardstock in pretty magazine files i found at sainsbury’s of all places. My A4 cardstock is in A4 grip seal bags by the colour and i put my scraps in punched pockets usually one for general scraps then one for the scraps from designing a class so that if i need a piece i can just grab that class pocket, once the class is designed and prepped they go into the usual scraps pockets. I also have my notebooks that i use all the time for ideas, notes etc and my scentsy wax warmer, a portable dvd player, Gilmore Girls dvds and the box of smelly tissues have been re-homed here. There is also a bunny on the lamp base that is usually next to my bed but my youngest decided that i might get lonely when they were at school so bunny should sit on my desk so that i wasn’t lonely anymore! Smile

Talking of the littlest miss; yesterday morning i couldn’t find her anywhere and was just at the point of panic when i came across her…..

2015-04-27 08.19.37

Sitting under my desk like a little pixie!

Last photo i promise {sorry Julia!} this is how i spent my Tuesday afternoon

2015-04-28 13.07.48

Kind of crafting watching some YouTube videos and eating pizza; watching others craft counts right? That’s it from me today.
Until next time




  1. you have a very tidy desk!! shame the sequins all fell over (glad I didn't comment about the open pot, to be included in your jinx, lol!!) Your daughter looks cute jammed under your desk, good thing she's supple! Helen 7

    1. you would be amazed where we find her, one of her favourite places is jammed under the bed next to the toy boxes! thanks for your visit :)

  2. Such a sparkling mess at least you only had to scoop them up imagine if you had to have all the colours divided into colour groups that would have been a yikes for sure. Feel better soon hugs Nikki 5

    1. o my goodness yes that would have been a nightmare! i do have some in colour groups but in sealy bags i quite like them all jumbled up its pretty to look at and thats half the point.....right? ;)
      thanks for your visit :)

  3. Wow, you're so tidy! I just walk away from mine..I'm not sure a t this point if you'd even notice if I knocked over a pot! Don't the sequins look lovely..shame it cant rain like that! Hope you're feeling a bit better now!

    1. i am trying to be good and tidy but sometimes i do just walk away and close the door, BUT before starting something new i make myself tidy up. the sequins are so pretty i would happily have left them there looking pretty maybe i need one of those glass topped coffee tables and throw some sequins in there! thanks for the visit :)

  4. Oh, it always happens like that, doesn't it? As soon as you say 'Oh, that NEVER happens', then it does!! At least the sequins landed on a smooth dry surface so were easy to sweep up...it could have been a lot worse :-)
    I used to love tucking myself away in little hidey holes when I was your daughter's age! So, that made me smile - as did the fact that your hubby has planted roses under your window....n'awwwwwww!
    Hugs, LLJ 19 xx

  5. What an eventful time you've had! Love that photo of the youngest ..... I so used to do that! Can hardly bend my knees now ... is that progress?!!!
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #22

  6. Love your youngest hiding in all sorts of places! And a cute bunny to keep you company.How sweet kids can be!
    Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Now isn't that just typical! Hope you're feeling better now. I'm sure the pizza would have helped :)

    Fiona #24

  8. Now i'm a Disney fan also but I just can't make up my mine about the Tsum's. Happy crafting Jill #8

  9. Glad you liked the hats. So nice to hear from someone who benefited from this sort of charity project - otherwise it's like throwing them all into a void. Love the screen cleaner. I so need one LOL! And the spilled pot - yeah, I still have microbeads stuck in my keyboard from about 8 or more years ago, when I upended a whole pot over it. Certain letters I ALWAYS seem to miss when typing, because they make the keys stick. At least they didn't spill on the floor. One of my pots of beads is more dust and die cut bits than beads LOL!

    Happy day!
    Mary Anne (1)

  10. Oh but they look so pretty spilled on a clean desk! A little tip; if you spill them on the floor elastic band a sock over the end of the hoover nozzle and hoover them up. They will all stick to the sock and then when you turn the suction off over the pot the all drop off! Saved me many a time with seed beads!!
    Happy Deskday

  11. I bet you cussed when that fell over! But admittedly it looks rather petty.
    Have a good week,
    Hope you can do a bit more crafting the coming week.

  12. Oh high five for the Gilmore Girls ... got all the DVD's and just love them! All my quite grown up nephew's fault ... he lived here with us for 7 years and during one of his moments watching the TV he called through to me to come and watch. I refused for ages but then figured time with him was more important than crafting. Of course, I was instantly hooked and even on my blog it says "I want to live in Stars Hollow"!!! Oh the sequins! At least your table was not covered in crafting and you could scoop all those pretties back into the pot fairly easily. Love your whole workspace ... especially your pixie! Thanks for popping by my blog earlier. Love Debbie #18 xXx

  13. I am kind of laughing you know... the sequins look gorgeous like that on your desk... see, If I had knocked them over they would have for sure landed in something wet that was still drying.... that is so sweet you have the bunny to keep you company during the day. :) ~Stacy #47

  14. I was wondering about the eeyore sum tsum (or was it tsum tsum?) cute and useful, what more could you wish for! Well, perhaps that the kids were still small and hid away :) happy woyww!
    Kristiina #15

  15. Eating pizza and watching you tube tutorials sounds my sort of evening! I learned to crochet a few months back c/o you. Tube! :) I'm now on my second blanket. Thanks for your visit

  16. Pizza and crafting yummy - my idea of heaven :-) how sweet you have a little pixie under your desk :) Happy woyww Anne x #30

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, the sequins did spill into a beautiful pattern tho
    happy woyww
    pat #54

  18. Loving your little work space. Your sequin photo is SO cute and perfect! Wishing you a lovely, creative week. :)

  19. Thanks for visiting, hope you are feeling better soon Ali #16

  20. It could have been a lot worse. If my sequins got knocked over they would have flown everwhere and I would have been picking them up for months after. I love your little donkey toy, he's gorgeous. Happy woyww, Angela x 21

  21. Watching others craft while eating is a form of crafting. Because you absorb so many ideas from see what others are doing. Have a lovely week and hello to the little person hiding under your desk.
    Sandra de @42


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