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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WOYWW? April 7th 2015

Good Morning Dear Readers and Fellow WOYWW Deskers, i hope that you are all well? Lovely sunny day yesterday made such a change from all the dark clouds of last week, of course Mr C is back at work now that the sun has deigned to make an appearance, typical!
Ah well its a duvet day for us today probably our last one of the Easter holidays as we have visitors tomorrow and Saturday, so lovely clean comfy pj’s and I'm done today girls are watching DVD’s and I'm going to desk hop – bliss! Smile  

So here’s my desk today {well Tuesday evening – 6.30pm look at all that light!! love my craft room!!} i hope to have this mess tidied up so that i can start using the bits that i had played with over the weekend

2015-04-04 12.26.02

We had a child free night and few days as the girls went for a sleep over with my grandparents; so we had a quick sort out of the little pressie stockpile that i have been gathering again since January – nothing over the top just as i see something the girls would like or on sale i get it and squirrel it away meaning on less job on  the to do list come Christmas Smile And while i was doing that i came across some shrink plastic! I can’t remember the last time i used shrink plastic so i had to scurry down to the craft room and start stamping straight away.  I love playing with shrink plastic its one of those things i loved as a child and i love now that i can still use it in my crafts.

So that's what is happening on the grid paper, i have a tile there to heat them on and have popped other blocks to stop them from running away from the heat gun! lol The missing tin of pencils arrived finally on Saturday not had time to use them yet, this is a set of blues and browns based on ocean colours.  A basket of Lawn Fawn stamps and dies, my Eeyore Tsum Tsum that the girls brought me, my ladybug pencil sharpener, and the essentials; big bottle of ice cold water, it burns calories you know cos the body has to heat it up Winking smile and means that i can justify my other essential Waitrose strawberry laces both the fizzy and non fizzy type Smile yup I've not grown up! lol

O we did get to Cinderella last week, and it is a beautiful film costumes are to die - for the wedding dress, oh if they release that they will make a killing as every bride would love to wear it. It was a great version of the tale i would recommend it we already have it on pre-order for when it comes out on blu-ray and we have the dress up costumes as of about 30mins after we saw it the girls got Daddy to buy them for them! lol {soft touch Winking smile}

Well that's it from me today, don’t forget to enter my giveaway i will post to anywhere in the UK or Europe you can enter here

I will try and get round all the desks again this week i managed last week to visit them all even if i couldn't comment on them all i always have a look.
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  1. I have always had a love/hate relationship with shrink plastic, and rarely use it.. looks like you have more success! Have a great week. Helen #4

  2. I haven't played with shrink plastic since I was little something that comes and goes out of trend
    can't see what you made but I love how the colours get intense when smaller
    Hugs Nikki 7

  3. I always loved shrink plastic too!! It was like magic ! :) lovely to peep at your workspace

  4. Hi A duvet day sounds wonderful! I have never played with shrink plastic either, I will have to give it a go. Very tidy work space too.
    Hugs Lynda B 14

  5. I have not used shrink plastic for years but enjoyed it when I did, dont those suckers take off. You are very organised for christmas already but I guess you have to with kids
    Bridget #1

  6. Ah,duvet days are the best!! I really hope you and the kids enjoy this one before the visitors arrive tomorrow :-).
    I've never used shrink plastic ever, but yours looks like great fun!
    Hugs. LLJ 15 xx

  7. Hi Charlie. It sounds like you are making the best of the Easter break with your family.....and isn't it wonderful that we now have longer, brighter days to enjoy?
    Have a great week,
    Annie x #17

  8. I've never used shrink plastic before but I see it looks like great fun - I really ought to give it a try! Looks like you've had a great Easter - I love duvet days too! Thanks for stopping by earlier, and I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #21

  9. Hello Mrs C! Thank you for visiting me earlier. So good to lounge in PJs when you can. It's a luxury!
    Shrink plastic was 'in vogue' many years ago but I never took to it. My friends did though and they have made me a few pretty little treasures.
    Thank you for that giveaway. I would love to win it as I have no access to magazines like that. I am now following you on Google and Bloglovin to increase my chances.
    Have a great week

  10. Am starting with a cold so duvet days sound ideal. Might need some myself.
    Love the light room you have - mine is an inside room - ie no window on to the outside - it overlooks a porch, so not so light and airy as yours which fills me with envy (not too much).
    Shrink Plastic - I think things like this come in waves and it is about time it was reinvented - go ahead and make us all want to get some out and make things.
    Hugs, & Thanks for the earlier visit - Neet 20 xx

  11. Hi Charlie, happy WOYWW - funny we're just pulling up the duvets some mornings... shrink plastic sure is fun I haven't played with it for years. Enjoy your week RobynO#25 thanks for visiting

  12. Dont forget to post a pic of your projects with the shrink plastic. Great idea buying up now for later in the year. I think I would forget what I have and double up!!
    sandra de @32

  13. Cinderella is my favourite story of all time! I had the glass slipper and watch and wind up dancing Cinderella and ... oh! when I think back to how my parents put up with me - I was seven and rather cute!!!
    Will have to order this one myself, thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #34

  14. I've done a bit of shrink plastic... just ordered stazon, so that might help the colouring problems I've had :)
    Kristiina #6

  15. I love Shrink plastic, have you seen the one that you can put through the printer, love that too.
    Had to smile when you mentioned about hiding pressies for next Christmas, I do that but sometimes forget I've got them or can't find them! so sometimes they end up as birthday presents Lol!.
    Thanks for the visit and hope you enjoy your crafting, Angela x 24

  16. Well that took me back...I used to help my little sister bake her shrinkie dinks back in the seventies! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  17. Hi Charlie :) what a spacious work desk and lovely big window..Sounds like you've been having a good Easter hols..Shrink plastic is not something i've tried but i'm interested in seeing the results of what you're making. Great to hear your other box of pencils arrived at last! Thank you for visiting me this morning :) wishing you a sunny and crafty week,

    Angela x
    Angelgreetings #28

  18. Your place is so tidy and beautiful!
    Thanks for your earlier visit!
    Gabriele 27

  19. Your desk looks ready for action.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Hope you don't mind me saying, but it would help if you could put your number from Julia's blog each week. Makes it much easier to find you.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #26

  20. Serendipity! I haven't played with the shrink for a while either, isn't it fun to just make time and do it! Glad that the pencils finally turned up...and very smiley at the chubby sized pencils in the pot!

  21. Duvet days are the best! I have never played with Shrink Plastic, so now I am intrigued. Love your space. I miss the window in my craft room - here in NYC I face the wall, which is not as much fun as looking out of the window :) Love your all year Christmas hoarding..I do that for my Hubby's birthday, as he never has a specific wish. Cx #48

  22. Gosh you really have managed to achieve a lot, also having respite from the children is nice. Duvet day made me giggle and nothing better than having a clean bed and PJ's too I love the smell of freshly aired linen and blankets. Shrink plastic I have not used it in many moons, I have it here just don't seem to reach for it and do anything.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 5

  23. I have never used shrink plastic and you make it sound like lots of fun! Love your work space, so clean and neat along with the special items. I keep water by me at all times, well along with my coffee. I will have to start using cold water because I have some poundage to let loose of, haha! Thanks for the review of Cinderella. I will have to get that for my granddaughter as soon as it comes out. Have a wonderful week! Rasz #59

  24. I have never used shrink wrap. Guess there is always something new/old to try.
    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing
    Pat #54


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