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Friday, 29 May 2015

Do you Gut?

Morning Dear Reader, i hope that this finds you well? Now as to the post title….do you Gut?

Well do you? Do you know what it is to ‘gut’?  Let me explain, i like really layered scrapbook pages but i don’t want to commit that many patterned papers to one layout - i would be bankrupt and not able to keep up my crafty habit! So what i quickly learnt to do was to cut away any paper that would be hidden below a picture or another layer.  For example if you was to do a 12x12 layout with a 9x9 layer, i would cut a square from the middle of the base paper that is 8x8 inches so that there is room to glue the next layer on top and the 8x8 square you can now use for other projects! I hope that that makes sense i have taken some pictures for you to show the stages below.

howtogutyourscrapbooklayoutscraftroomdiary 19-05-2015 13-27-21

That’s it from me today i hope that that was useful to you, until next time



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