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Friday, 29 May 2015

follow me on an adventure.........

Hello Dear Reader,

Today is the start of a new era, i am leaving blogger and setting up camp on wordpress.

The reason for this is that Google have decided to change their settings so that you can no longer post to your blogs from publishing software like windows live writer and as blogger's own posting feature are at best clunky and at worst downright unworkable this was not going to work for me so it was a choice of move or give up blogging all together.  As i enjoy the crafty blogging community and taking part in WOYWW so much then moving was my only option.

I have chosen not to export my blog and delete it so this one will stay here and before Google changed things i had scheduled posts so these will still post as normal but they will also be posting on my  wordpress blog when they run out here that will be it here.

I actually like wordpress now that i am over there, when i orginally started blogging i tried both platforms and stuck with blogger because you could find so many cute templates for it.

So i do hope that you will join me on my new blog you can find it at


I would just like to say thank you all for your support of my blog and all the comments i truly love reading them all and i thank you for taking the time.


Charlie x

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  1. I hope your blog works out well with the move. Thank you for your visit this week, and enjoy your crafting. xx Maggie #8


Thank you so much for your visit, i love reading your comments. :) xx