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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Happy Wednesday Readers!
And Happy 6th WOYWW? Anniversary Deskers!
Thank you so much to our lovely leader Julia without whom we would not be here.

I hope that you are all well, its been lovely and sunny here and with the Bank Holiday Mr.C has been out in his garden making a racket mowing and trimming :) Neighbours must love him! lol
I haven’t finished my layout from last week yet, i was tired one evening and managed to trim some of the photos a bit too small so they have to be printed again and the mojo disappeared. So i have popped that to one side for now, and here is my desk at 7.30 pm Tuesday night.
Not much going on, a bit of decoupage on some MDF that i have had for so long! I love to do this sort of thing; it can be so therapeutic you don't need to think you can just do which is just what you need sometimes { o the papers are from a range that that irritating patronising woman off channel 4 has plonked her name on}
This morning i found a perfect tool/pen caddy in the summer living section at Sainsbury's it was with the picnic bits but i had to have it cos it was perfect for my room 

The little wire basket was also new today off of our local market for £4 – Bargain!
But i love my caddy ….going to get another lol! Pretty good match i thought for my raskog cart
Love this bright teal its such a happy colour 
O btw someone asked what a pocket letter was last week; its a different way of sending a pen letter you to it in a 9 pocket trading card protector, you put a letter in one of the pockets and then fill the others with paper, some of your art and maybe a few little goodies and send it along.
You can find out more here
; http://www.pocketletterpals.com/
That's it from me today, Until next time


  1. hi there Charlie ... you are under me for the swap of ATC, so would you please email me at postbox-101 at hotmail dot com, the email link is also on my profile page see here:
    thanks.. hope to hear soon.
    I am in Australia so will take a while to get there.
    I love teal so really love your new additions to your crafty space, well done!!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  2. oops sorry ... thanks Charlie for letting me know you are not joining in.. dopey me! Shaz x

  3. Yes, I love teal too. As you say: it's a happy colour.
    I’m still travelling but managed to have internet today so I’m visiting as many of you as I can. Happy anniversary all! Six years is quite a long time.
    Have a good week and CU Wednesday

  4. Oh yes, lovely colour and it looks like a really useful little container.... wish I had a Sainsburys a bit nearer! LOL Happy 6th WOYWW to you, what a lovely whirl around the world snooping this is! Annette #15

  5. Hmm...I wonder if I'm the one that asked about the pocket letter, because I remember wondering what it was. What a super cute thing! Thanks for sharing that. Happy WOYWW 6th Anniversary! Sandy Leigh #52

  6. Your caddy IS perfect for that spot and for storing all your goodies! Well, spotted. :-)

    Thanks for answering my question about pocket letters, it's something new to me.

    Happy creating and happy woyww!

    Sandy #2

  7. tis my fav colour as well as pinks, love that little caddie its perfect for the job, Thanks for the snoop on your workspace
    Jac x

  8. I didn't ask about pocket letters, but I was sure glad you shared the info. What a fun way to share some of your art. You must really like making ATCs.

    Your pen and tool caddy is gorgeous and a great find. I always look for art supplies in areas other than craft sections because they are often less expensive there.

    Happy, happy 6th WOYWW anniversary from #1.

  9. Love all your teal accessories. Just my colour. I will have to keep my eye out for that "pen holder"...wouldn't mind one of those. I did those exact MDF letters for my MIL when she moved home, small world. Looking forward to seeing yours completed.
    Thanks for popping by earlier and Happy 6th Anniversary
    Hugs Lisax #38

  10. Well Mrs C, if that isn't enough to send the likes of me off to Sainsbury's...! It's gorgeous. And as you say, a great match for the cart which I still want. And have no room for! The pocket letters sound fascinating, what a lovely idea!

  11. Nice teal accessories!


  12. Looking at your desk and art supplies makes me happy :oD I love that caddy!

  13. Love your new teal organizers! My favorite color, so I would have gotten them too! Thanks for coming by and seeing me earlier. I am glad you are a fellow scrapbooker. Love scrapping! Happy 6th Anniversary! :) #57

  14. How I wish I had a Sainsburys that sold things like this... the one near me is just a tiddly one. Happy WOYWW Helen 7

  15. Really gorgeous storage - love the colour! Happy 6th WOYWWaversary! x Jo

  16. Storage in teal - so cool! Thank you for sharing and your earlier visit!
    Gabriele 30

  17. Oh what a wonderful six years it's been. We really are part of such a lovely bunch aren't we?
    Have a great day.
    Annie x # 36

  18. Great find! Hope your mojo comes around again :) wishing you a creative woywwing year to come!
    Kristiina #6

  19. Hi Charlie, thanks for the visit to mine. Love the storage container, gorgeous colour too. Happy woyww anniversary, Angela 37

  20. Gorgeous colour - your container. And I just love your trolley for your die cutting things. BTW who is the irritating woman - can you put it in code for me please.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  21. Happy 6th!
    Love all your new goodies- that cart!!
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 11

  22. Thanks for the visit already. I love those carts...wish we had an Ikea here in SA. I drool into my keyboard every time I see one on line. I like that HOPE word on your desk too. #26

  23. Gorgeous teal colour and lovely collection of goodies at your workspace.
    sandra de

  24. Hi Charlie, happy 6th WOYWW and thanks for visiting me. Yes I too love your new caddie, goes perfect with the trolley. Have a wonderful week RobynO#14

  25. I'm loving your caddy and the colour too! Storage is always a must for us crafters. Thanks for visiting already. Take care Zo xx 47

  26. Loveing your new goodies.
    You desk looks a little tidier than mine lol
    Thank you for your visit hun. See you next week :) #35

  27. I sure do love those teal colored organizers. I hear I can get one of the rolling carts with the 3 levels that is teal at IKEA store. But it is a 2 hour drive so I haven't gone as of yet. Maybe on my small holiday in July :) Thanks for dropping by my desk yesterday! <3 Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio #31

  28. Your new pen caddy is fabulous! Lovely colour! I would have bought it too!
    Happy 6th woyww :)

  29. Love the pen caddy - I am back to using laundry tubs and old pencil holders as mine is too full. And like Shel, Ikea is miles away but I was THERE last week and stupidly didn't think to look at the storage stuff, I wass so focused on other things. Got a great Font poster, and some frames but missed and oppourtunity. Poo.

    Happy belated 6th-anniversary WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3)

  30. Yep, your caddy does match the new ikea find perfectly.
    off to discover this pen pal item you linked...
    thanks for visiting my desk already


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